Pig Week: Reality

This is another story that kind of came out of nowhere. It some ways, though, it’s a classic, so it’s only natural it come up on my blog at some point: the fantasy story existing only within someone’s head. And, who better to be the one to create the world but the one who fusses over making it as perfect as possible for the ones he cares about? There’s a lot of things that inspired this, but I think the biggest is just the simple escapist mentality of the writer, as well as almost anyone else who has half a mind to make up stories when they’re upset. So, I hope you enjoy, and that I didn’t mess it up too badly. Finally, until next year, happy pig week, and I hope you enjoy the remainder of Fanfic Month, which will hopefully get better since I’m not limited to Vaughn/Sokola and pig stories.

Also, one more note for anyone who isn’t me or Sabrina, Sokola’s birth name was Cassidy, in case you’re wondering where the goddaughter came from. I thought that name was more realistic for a real-world story than Sokola.

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Pig Week: A Rocky Reunion

Continuing from yesterday, I decided to write what happened next, thanks to the mix-up with Aria’s unwelcome match. I have to admit, this scene is one I’m looking forward to writing for real someday. It’ll be wonderful to get to it, and know all the major conflicts are over for them. That doesn’t mean there lives are perfect, mind you, but the problems after this are mostly doable. Mostly.

Anyway, as to be expected, having Sokola there added an extra layer of fin to this scene, and fixed a couple of problems Wren encounters in the real version. Specifically, making sure they get home while Mama’s reconnecting with Daddy. *wink wink* Enjoy the story, everyone! And I look forward to seeing you the last 2 days of the week.

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Pig Week: A Long-Awaited Seach

This story is interesting for me, because while I wrote it, it’s also helping me flesh out something that’s actually going to happen in my novel. Sans-Sokola, of course, but most of it still happens the same or similarly to how it happens here. There will be some small changes, and the whole thing will take a little longer without Sokola’s interference, bu the end result will be the same. So, enjoy! I haven’t decided yet, but maybe tomorrow will be a continuation?

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Pig Week: To Catch a Piggy

Although this one’s not exactly about Vaughn or Sokola, which was originally the point of Pig Week, they appear in it. And it’s got a pig in it. In a way, it’s kind of like Sabrina’s ferret take-over post last year? Especially since she referenced Charlie in that one, back when he was still pure evil. Anyway, enjoy!

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Pig Week: The Four Little Knights

Somewhat inspired by one of Sabrina’s Pig Week posts last year, I decided to write a version of the three little pigs with the Knights as the stars, while also parody how utterly uncontrollable characters can get after you’ve had them for a while, and writing them become such second nature that they pretty much live independently of your desires and do what they want, even when it messes up your plot line. To some, this story may seem a mess, but life’s a mess sometimes, you know? And anyone who thinks this is unrealistic definitely needs to spend some time with a bunch of stubborn, sometimes neurotic (Raizha…), characters having free range in your head and the mutual chat space you share with your equally-crazy friend. Things much worse than this have already happened. Some of my prior posts can attest to this fact.

Given how obvious something like this is, when you have 3 characters (not counting the new baby in the family) that refer to each other as pigs, plus a character who’s a natural antagonist who is leader of a group called the Wolves, I probably could have written this without the post she made last year but, you know, the picture she drew makes a good illustration for the story. : P Anyway, Raizha, Sokola, and our Special Guest belong to Sabrina over at Ticket to a Thousand Worlds. This story is rated T for language, violence, and Raizha. Now, without further ado…

The Three Four Little Knights and the Big Bad Raizha!

Pig Week image of characters as the three little pigs an the big, bad wolf

Image property of Sabrina. Go look at her blog, too!

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W: Wren

I can’t remember which one it was, but I’m pretty sure I mentioned in one of my stories that Aria (the heroine of the novel I’m writing) is going to be pregnant at some point in the series, and is currently pregnant in the big, ongoing Skype roleplay with Sabrina and out friends that we refer to as “The Box.” Well, since the baby’s name is going to be Wren, I decided this would be the perfect day to write a cute story that takes place after she’s born, if only for the sake of adorable family stuff. Enjoy!

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V: Vaughn

Vaughn is lead male in the novel series I’m writing. He’s the type of guy who seems like an asshole at first, but has a great heart once you get to know him, and won’t stand by while someone he cares about is being hurt. You might be familiar with him if you’re familiar with some of my past posts, as I’ve “interviewed” both him and the lead lady, and his love, Aria, back at the beginning, as well as written about them during Pig Week (March 1-7), and once before during this month. But today, I decided to do something a bit different. I can’t remember what it was, but a song I listened to recently gave me the urge to write a poem. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to write a piece of Vaughn’s emotional state at various points in my novel. It’s a but spoiler-y, since it gives away a few of the key events that happen at different points in the series, but I’m not too worried. Although I hope that many people read my novel, I also recognize that, by the time my novels read the shelves (supposing they even go that far!), this post will probably be too old and buried to even be noticed or remembered by anyone. Either way, I hope you enjoy! 😀

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When Mommy Was Little

Today, I decided to do something a little different. Instead of writing about Sokola and Vaughn as they currently are, I jumped a little…well, a lot…into the future, and write a cute little story of Vaughn looking back on his life as Sokola’s adoptive daddy after she;s grown up and had kids of her own. Because, as sad as it makes him, we in the Box all know that the time skip in Sokola’s story is drawing closer every day, and that Vaughn has a time skip in his future, as well. But, why should the cute times end, just because Sokola isn’t a little kid anymore? Even as adults, Vaughn is still going to be Best Daddy, and Sokola will still evoke harmonies of “aw”s whenever she and Vaughn are in the same room.

This post is dedicated to you, Sabrina, to show you don’t have to be guilty about time skipping Sokola someday! Somehow, those two will still manage to make us squee, and without you, Vaughn wouldn’t even have an adorable adopted daughter to have adorable moments with. 🙂

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