Monday Character Conversations: A Follow-up from Charlemagne

I haven’t done one of these for a while. I hope to get back into the habit, if I can. I stopped because I ran out of characters whom I felt were important enough to interview. But, as I am starting a new novel for Camp NaNo today, and am also discovering new characters in the universe of my first novel, as I have a few pages written in the sequel, I feel I have many more characters I can explore now. Before I get to them, though, I want to interview a character who had already gotten the spotlight, but has recently gone through a transformation in the universe my friend and I have contained within Skype, even if his canonical transformation is a long way off, and may not even be mentioned (it will happen, though, to a lesser extent!) So, may I again introduce Lieutenant Charlemagne of the seventh district of Hael!

Hello, Charlemagne. How are you?

I am well.

That is good. Would you like to fill the nice readers in on what has happened since you were last interviewed?

Well…I…I hurt Sokola, and I was punished for it…

 But then?

But then…Abbi began to visit me. She was kind to me, and believed I could change. She listened to me as I sat and spoke of my regrets, of how much I hated my past actions and wished I could take them back. And…she encouraged my change of heart. She visited me day in and day out, speaking with me and encouraging me… And we began to fall for each other.

Aw~! Does Charlie have a girlfriend? :3

Well…yes. Abbi and I are in love. With her, I feel as if nothing else matters but her. I wish to protect her and love her, and I am happy to simply lie beside her and talk, or even just look upon her lovingly. I have never felt this way before. Love…I do not believe I ever truly learned what it was. I use to only care about the physical aspects, and the feeling of power. But…now that I have been reduced to a powerless state, I have realized I do not need it…either of them… I can allow myself to be vulnerable without fear, and be weak and speak sweet words to Abbi… And I do not want to feel power over her. I want us to be equals. I believe I would prefer death to overpowering Abbi, even accidentally, the way I use to do to my officers.

And how is your relationship with your officers, by the way?

[shakes head] We do not speak, usually. They are not happy with…my current state, and find it sickening the way I have fallen utterly for Abbi. Zurina has left the other two, so I have not spoken with heer for quite some time. But the other two…Jenneth desires to hurt Abbi, for some reason, and Bianca does little to stop her unless she is completely over the top. I do not wish to speak with them at all anymore, if I can help it.

Alright. :3 Since I like the sweet look you get on your face, let’s talk about Abbi some more. Do you two have any plans for the future?

Well…she would like to be wed. I do not understand it much, but Vaughn and Aria have gotten married, and it seems to be working for them, so I suppose I can try it, as well. I know it will make Abbi very happy. And…I would like to have children with her. Though I have never thought of having my own offspring, I do enjoy children. And, I now have a woman whom I would enjoy having mother them. But…if Abbi would prefer not to, I will not force her.

Charlie! Stop being so cute! People are going to be confused by how much you’ve changed.

I apologize.

No, no. It’s fine. Any ideas what you would name the children?

I…I do not know… I have not put much thought into it until recently. Perhaps…if Abbi and I reach that point in our relationship, we can discuss it together. I would possibly like to give them names like those from her world, however. Perhaps name them for her friends, since I have so few I would wish to admit to being acquainted with now to name children after.

Okay. So, how do you feel about sleeping with a goddess?

Please, do not be deceptive. Abbi and I are not to that level of intimacy just yet, and I would prefer not to have others believe we are. They might believe I am reverting back to my former ways.

Okay. How do you feel about sleeping beside a goddess?

Well, she has not ascended yet. She still has to beat her goddess first. And…she wishes to wait until after we are wed to fully ascend, even so… But, I find it very fitting. She has come into my life and cleansed my soul and life the way that many believe that only a deity may. And, I am very thankful to her for it. I know she does not want them to, but…I would like any children we may have to at least recognize their mother’s status as a goddess, even if it may be strange for them to outright worship her. Miceli…I am not sure how I would feel about my children following him, and I am not sure if they may worship Odelia, being as they would be demons, albeit two different types. So, I wish to encourage them to follow the deities of Abbi’s world.

Now…not to be a downer, but…what would you do if Arazdori would win her and Abbi’s battle?

She will not.

I know that we are all hoping Abbi will win, but…we must be realistic. It is still a possibility.

No, Abbi will win. She must. If Abbi were not by my side…I do not believe I would be able to go on. She has become my life, my world. After being punished for my past sins, I had nothing. I no longer wished to associate with my forcer life, as anything that still lasted from that would only drag me down and remind me continually of how evil I use to be. But, my actions caused any possibility to create a new life on my own to be impossible. I had hurt too many people to be able to earn the trust of anyone who could lead to worthwhile aspirations. So, I had no choice but to sit in my room and sulk while the young girl assigned to aid me in my healing, Matilda, scurried around trying to at least keep me alive and well. Abbi gave me reasons to live, and has been helping me make amends, and show everyone that I have changed. Even though I have made acquaintances of many who formerly hated me, and have others who believe I will do good things now, I would feel as if I had nothing if Abbi was taken from me. Please…please tell me she will me alright. 😦

Don’t worry. We would hate for anything to happen to her just as much as you do. But, I feel thart is a good place to stop. Any last words before I close up?

Abbi…I love you deeply, but I hope my words do not make you feel as if you must stay with me. If ever you feel you no longer love me, and wish to leave me for someone of a more suitable age, I would understand. Still, I am glad you are with me. Let us always be happy together, and for us both to live for a long, long time, deeply in love. I love you, my goddess. I hope I may one day feel as worthy of your love as you believe me to be. 🙂


Vaughn and Aria’s Best Day Ever (And some belated birthday wishes)

Some people might find it weird that I actually plan lives for my characters outside their story, and even outside their own universe, but I think it’s fun! You should totally try it sometime, if you’re a writer. Get another writer friend to talk to you over Skype of just hanging out with you, and then let the characters out to play for a bit. You’ll learn a lot about your characters and how they interact with different sorts of people that way. Oh, will you learn about your characters that way! D:

Anyway, Sabrina and I have had a few little plans up our sleeves for my characters. First of all, after we pestered him about it non-stop over the magic (“skype” for those new to my blog) to propose to Aria, he was finally ready. He had gotten the ring (meaning I finally got around to finding a site to design one) and he and Mordecai bought her a poetry book, into which Mordecai magically inserted a poem that Vaughn would use to pop the question. Vaughn even wrote the poem himself, with a little help from me. All he had to do was ask, and he would actually have a name for what Aria was to him that he didn’t have to be embarrassed about.

On the other end of the relationship, Aria had news of her own. A friend of ours has a character who is a doctor, so we’ve been sending our characters in one by one to be examined. The boys were none too happy with their own examinations, given all three of us are a bit evil, especially when it comes to Jill and her doctor. Mordecai ended up basically being cut open and his organ poked at, since the doctor was curious about having a zombie laid out before him. He did get a bit of a reward out of it, since Ellie (the doctor) gave him a mechanical heart that allowed his to blush again, as well as a type of fungus that allows makes him capable of impregnating Dorothy, or the condition Ellie can study the effects of an undead parent on the future child’s development and the attachment of the soul. Vaughn on the other hand, was told he had three extra balls hanging around in his abdomen, and had to get them removed, resulting in a week of not being able to “make babies” with Aria. During her exam, though, Aria picked the long end of the sticks of fate, and was let off the hook by discovering she was with child. She was just waiting for the right moment to tell him.

Finally, the pieces all fell together on Tuesday. Aria was speaking with…Ariya (Sabrina has a character, based off my Aria, named Ariya. I can’t remember to what extent she was spoken of on either of our blogs) over the magic, so we decided to send in Vaughn, Malik, Morty, Dorothy, and Sokola, so that Vaughn could finally stop stalling and propose in front of all their friends. So, he popped the question; Aria said yes, of course, because they were literally made for each other; we had a whole bunch of hugging and squeezing and celebrating, and then it was pretty much over. More than a month of planning and squeezing with Sabrina, all for about 5 minutes of rolelay. Then, Jill logged on, so we had a bit of a discussion/roleplay with her and another friend, before we announced that Vaughn and Aria were engaged, and she had one of her characters announce the big news that Aria had a bun in the oven, only making their day better. They spent all of yesterday celebrating. Take that as you will.


Anyway, since this blog post was meant to be published yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, but I got sidetracked with school stuff, I will now be giving out some (late) birthday wishes to the most awesome honorary roommate (she doesn’t *actually* live in my room, but she’s here enough that everyone knows to check my room when they need her.) in the world!


Aria: Happy birthday, Miss Salay! And I do hope you have many more to come in the future! ^///^

Vaughn: Happy birthday, Sabrina. You’re a cool person when you’re not flirting with me or purposely instigating things. I enjoy your backrubs.


Sarah: Happy birthday, writer lady! I hope I can talk to Sokola and Mordecai a whole lot in the future! They’re fun! 😀


Severna: Hello, darling~!  I *do* so wish I could celebrate with you properly, but I’m stuck in my world… :O If it’s your birthday, and I’m practically you, doesn’t that mean it’s my birthday, too? Oh, can I celebrate with Raizha, please? She would be *such* a good present to myself. ^_~


Evron: Happy birthday, human lady! I hope you get to stay free for a long time, so that no demons have to make you scream like my daddy makes my mommy and the other human girls scream. 🙂


Jumelle: Happy birthday, Miss. I do not know you, but my son seems to like you, so I thought I would with you best wishes. Now…I have chores to do…

Then she looked nervous and walked away.


Charlemagne: Happy birthday, human. The human that controls us requested I speak, since you seem to like me. I pray we do not have to meet personally for quite some time, for your sake.

The favorites kid of stood behind him…being them. Jenneth and Bianca were talking among themselves about Miceli knows what, and Zurina was just rolling her eyes, as usual. Assume they’re wishing you a happy birthday, in their own weird way.

Also, Galan is not coming out. Never. ‘Cause that would me bad.


And one more, from a new friend:

Carissa: Hello~! Happy birthday~! I do hope I get to meet you soon, because you sound fun to talk to! Too bad I don’t already know you, ‘cause I might have thought about giving you a special rate, it being your special day and all. Oh well. You probably have no political power, anyway, so my times probably better spent on my king’s guests. Anyway, toodles! I have guests to entertain. 😉


And, of course, I wish you the very best of late birthdays, and hope to know you for many years to come! You’re one of the most awesome friends ever, and I don’t know what I would do without you, Sebby! 😀