P: Paper People

This is a strange little story. It’s one of the few that I went into having no idea how the heck I was going to end it. I have to say though, that the ending I got just by doing whatever came to mind was a lot better than anything I would have come up with if I had deliberated over it for hours and hours like I usually do. I’m proud of this short little piece, and I hope everyone reading it as I did writing it.

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Friday Fictioneers: Scrap Man

Four for four for Friday Fictioneers, and feeling great! (Try saying that four times fast. Haha!) It’s a little later in the week from when I usually post, but it’s been a busy week, too. As you can see, by looking at some of my recent posts, I’m still going strong on A to Z blogging, though I’ve been only just keeping up most of this week. My novel for Camp NaNo is also coming along well, and I’m fast approaching a scene my friend has been eager for me to write. Now that I’m over the hill of this busy week, I’m feeling pretty excited for the week to come! Now, without further ado, my story.

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