Pig Week: Reality

This is another story that kind of came out of nowhere. It some ways, though, it’s a classic, so it’s only natural it come up on my blog at some point: the fantasy story existing only within someone’s head. And, who better to be the one to create the world but the one who fusses over making it as perfect as possible for the ones he cares about? There’s a lot of things that inspired this, but I think the biggest is just the simple escapist mentality of the writer, as well as almost anyone else who has half a mind to make up stories when they’re upset. So, I hope you enjoy, and that I didn’t mess it up too badly. Finally, until next year, happy pig week, and I hope you enjoy the remainder of Fanfic Month, which will hopefully get better since I’m not limited to Vaughn/Sokola and pig stories.

Also, one more note for anyone who isn’t me or Sabrina, Sokola’s birth name was Cassidy, in case you’re wondering where the goddaughter came from. I thought that name was more realistic for a real-world story than Sokola.

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N: Nightmare

I had particular fun with this post, because it involved the characters from the novel I’m writing, plus I got to reuse a particularly horrible character from a story I wrote for a friend, and give him more of a chance to be hated by the masses! Plus, being as my novel is called Between Dreams and Nightmares (or Realities. Still flip-flopping between which last word I want to use.) I couldn’t pass up on a  chance to wrote something dream related that also gave me a chance to squee over how much my friend and I absolutely love my alpha couple! If you aren’t already acquainted with them, you might want to read over the character interviews I did with Vaughn and Aria back in January, along with a few of my pig week stories (March 1-7), though you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’m pretty sure their love and adorableness is clear, even without knowing much about them. Enjoy!

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Friday Fictioneers: Scrap Man

Four for four for Friday Fictioneers, and feeling great! (Try saying that four times fast. Haha!) It’s a little later in the week from when I usually post, but it’s been a busy week, too. As you can see, by looking at some of my recent posts, I’m still going strong on A to Z blogging, though I’ve been only just keeping up most of this week. My novel for Camp NaNo is also coming along well, and I’m fast approaching a scene my friend has been eager for me to write. Now that I’m over the hill of this busy week, I’m feeling pretty excited for the week to come! Now, without further ado, my story.

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When Piggies Dream

For the last day of pig week, I decided to *gasp* actually write about pigs! Because, unlike my best friend, I cannot do a whole week of just doodles and pig facts without feeling lazy. I mean, Sebby at least had an excuse to do short posts, since she wasn’t actually here most of the week. And, her posts are actually good! I really envy your skills, my dear. And, after I post this, I will probably crawl back into my hole of half-decent profiles, disproportionate breasts, and horrendous wings and remember why I don’t draw for anyone except you and my stories.

Anyway, back on topic, I wrote a short and most likely weird story where our favorite little piggies (Vaughn, Aria, and Sokola, for those new and unaware of my friend and my little fantasy world contained within Skype and my dorm room. And, no, their not actually pigs outside this post. It started as a nickname and grew into a Thing.) were actually pigs, and Aria, being the rational female she is, dreamed up their lives and humans…and demon… Anyway, I do not claim to know anything about pigs. I actually learned much more than I wanted to while researching for this story. If I make some mistake that can’t be explained though semi-personification, feel free to point it out! And enjoy the story, because this is probably the last post your getting out of me until me paper for science is done! 😀 Continue reading