Pig Week: Daddy

I can;t remember where this idea came from. But, some depressingly horrible thought in my head decided to explore what Vaughn’s life would have been like if he never met Aria, and Sokola was the only family he ever had. Overall, I don’t think much changed, since most of the story was based on real moments in the genesis Vaughn and Sokola Daddy/Daughterdom. I do think it made Vaughn a lot more depressing, and a heck of a lot more lonely, since he didn’t have his girlfriend/pet to turn to for advice, and to cheer him up when things were difficult. It isn’t evident in this story, but it may have possibly made their relationship grow faster, without Daddy’s overly-proper girl getting in the way of playtime…and also, maybe, made Sokola’s little Electra complex worse, since there wouldn’t have been the competition. Regardless, I think this story ended up adorable, if not kind of depressing. I hope you enjoy it, and are ready for the lest Pig Week post tomorrow, whenever I finish it!

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R: Reaper

I have a thing for death, apparently. It’s more of a morbid fascination, rather than some sort of obsession. I don’t want to die (well, at least not a majority of the time…), but the idea of death seems interesting to me. I wonder, what is it like to die? Where do we do after death? Which faith’s theory is truly the right one? As a Christian, I do believe in a Heaven, but I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t know this as a sure thing. It’s just the theory I was raised on, and the one that makes me feel good. But, I also had a bit of an unconscious belief in the Grim Reaper, too. I always saw him as a sort of messenger who didn’t belong to any one religion, and could slip in and out of any belief system with the right adjustments. After all, he isn’t the afterlife; he’s just the one who leads you to it. So, when I began to find animes in which Reaper was a whole race or group, rather than a single figure, I was overjoyed! If I wanted to, I could now personify Death as a spunky teenage girl or an angsty boy if I wanted to, since my forte seems to be teen stories. The more I watched, the more I loved it. Thus, my half-reaper twins were born, and their story has been slowly forming in my head ever since. I’m glad to finally be able to breath life into them and share them with the world (as well as finally giving them names).

Also, if anyone notices the date on this post and notices that I’m a few hours late for R day, I’m well aware. I didn’t realize I didn’t have a story for today until 5 minutes before I left, and I didn’t get back until around midnight. So, I decided to just stay up and post it after I finished. I’m just doing the A-Z blogging thing for fun, so I didn’t think taking my free day on Saturday and posting on Sunday would be too big a deal. And if wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t mentioned it, then shh! This post was totally on time. You didn’t see anything. : P

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Do you know?

Hey, Vaughn here. If any of you read Sabrina’s blog (Ticket to a thousand worlds, for those who don’t), then you might have ready the poem she wrote from Sokola’s point of view. And, even though I know Sokola herself didn’t write it, the idea of her ever thinking stuff like that ever made me kind of sad, and I just wanted to hug Sokola and tell her than I love her so very much. So, I did better and wrote a poem in response (with Moon’s help, of course, since I such at poetry, and I obviously needed to borrow her body to work the magic). I hope I did okay, with it, and at least got what i was feeling across:


Do you know

How much I love you?

Do you believe me

When I tell you

Remind you

Every time I can

That you are important to me

That I want to protect you

That I love you


Do you know

That I am here for you

For everything

For anything

You could ask for

For the exciting news

And the tearful confessions

And especially

The sweet conversations

That only make me

Love you more


Do you know

That She loves you, too

That we know

That She will never

Be a replacement

But that

All the same

You love us

Even if it is





It is still love


Do you know

That even though

You are second in my heart

I still love you

Much more than you could understand

Bigger than your poofy hair

Or the sky we soar in

Or the entire world

Do you know that

Second isn’t all that bad

When you realize

How much I actually love you

Even if She is still my number one

Do you know

How much it hurts

To see you sad

Or scared

To see you cry

Or hide things

To hear you question

How much

I care about you

To think about

You growing up someday

And leaving my side for His

Do you know

How much it hurts

To wonder

If you’ll always love me

As much as I love you.


Do you know

That nothing

Will change how I feel

Not another child

Or a petty fight

Or any mistake in the world

My love for you

Will never change

Even if you

Will change so much


To me

You will always be

The you

That I know

And love


Do you know

That all I want

Is for you

To be happy

That I don’t care

If your perfect

Or if you love Him

Or if you ignore my request

To stay my little girl forever

And fall lovingly

Into His arms


I know

You cannot

Be a child forever


A part of me

Looks forward to seeing

The beautiful woman

You will someday become

Whatever you do

You will still

Be my daughter

And I

Will always love you


Daddy loves you, Sokola! I hope you liked my poem, and I just wanted to let you know that, even when you’re no longer a little girl, you will still be my little girl. Don’t be afraid to grow up, just don’t do it too fast. 🙂

Your adopted daddy forever,