Picture it & Write: A Grim Consequence

I apologize that my PI&W contribution is a bit on the long side this week, in comparison to many of my other contributions to flash fiction challenges. Although I could easily shorten this story down a bit by making it a bit more vague, though, I don’t really want to. I don’t feel like it would be the same story without the details and narrator’s little verbal flourishes. My giving the narrator free reign to give the full account, I feel if make the story more memorable. Perhaps you will disagree, and you’re free to do so. All I ask is that you keep your criticism to a constructive and polite tone. After all, you never know who may be on the other side of your responses. 😉

This story carries a language warning, and a disclaimer that the views and attitudes of the characters are of no relation to those of the writer. I hope you enjoy!

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Pig Week: To Catch a Piggy

Although this one’s not exactly about Vaughn or Sokola, which was originally the point of Pig Week, they appear in it. And it’s got a pig in it. In a way, it’s kind of like Sabrina’s ferret take-over post last year? Especially since she referenced Charlie in that one, back when he was still pure evil. Anyway, enjoy!

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An Accidental Fictioneers Story

Some people might be wondering why I’m posting two stories, two days in a row, in the same week. There’s an interesting behind it, actually. You might have noticed I posted a day later than usual this week. That is because I’ve gone to my aunt’s house to visit with relatives the past two nights as soon as I got home from work. So, I didn’t have my computer with me Wednesday night to check the blog and write my story. I tried to, though. Unfortunatly, my Google search for Rochelle’s blog gave me an old post instead of this weeks, so I didn’t realize until after I had written my story for this week that the picture was from back in November. But, the story was written, and I liked it, so I wanted to post it anyway. Luckily, this happened the same week as my 10th story, so I decided to use it as an impromptu celebration

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She Fell (Friday Fictioneers)

Now entering my third week of Friday Fictioneers, as well as my third wee of making word count exactly, I must admit that I’m feeling pretty good about myself. I’m managing to get better at making my stories brief, and only include (what I see as) the important information. Given that I’m also doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month, where we’re encouraged to be wordy in order to make our minimum word count by the end of the month, I feel like I’m going to find a good balance between the two in the end.

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about my story itself this week, though. I admit that it will probably come across as a bit strange, but I feel like the qualities that make it that way are what also what conveys what I’m getting at. Feel free to give me your opinion on it, whether you think I did well, or if you think it was the most horrible idea ever (just be civil if the later, please).

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The Accident (Friday Fictioneers)

Today marks my first attempt at doing a Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. I must say, I’m proud of my first try, given I managed to make the exact word count, after some editing. I can’t even pretend that I’m not impressed by what other people came up with, though. I suggest reading theirs, too! At least from the ones posted when I read them, they’re all really great!


(Word count: 100)


                Emma rolled her wheel chair laboriously through the stable. The dirt floor and narrow aisles were obviously meant for people who could walk. But, she had to see him, just one last time.

                She’d heard the rumors about her accident. The way they blamed him for going there. Blamed her for leading him. But only she knew the truth.

                Finally, she rolled up to a stall with a “for sale” sign on it. She reached up to tenderly pet the grey stallion, who leaned his head forward. She knew he understood, at least.

                “Good-bye, Arthur. I love you. Thank you.”