A Successful Year Behind Us, A Promising Year To Come

Hello to everyone who still follows my blog, and welcome to everyone who is visiting for the first time! As you may or may not know, I’m Luna (or Moonstone, if you prefer) and as of a few days ago, my blog is one year old! This has been an interesting year, and if you will allow me, I would like to review all I’ve accomplished, as well as look forward to what I plan to accomplish in the year to come.

As mentioned before, I started my blog last year, a few days before the New Year, and have managed quite a few blog posts and stories over that time that I am very proud of. I also joined the wonderful writing challenge “Friday Fictioneers.” I admit that I have slipped up with posting a bit, on both normal posts and my Fictioneer stories, but I hope to pick both back up in the year to come. I can’t guarantee I will not fall behind again when I become busy with school and life, but I will try my hardest, and I hope to see you following me along for the ride!

In April, my best friend and I undertook the A-Z blogging challenge and succeeded. This year, I plan on supplementing that achievement by trying to follow along on the monthly writing challenges she has planned for the entire year. I have no idea what is when, other than the obvious ones, but I’ll try to keep you posted on them as we go. This month, I am trying to create a choose your own adventure, which I will post about when I have some amount of confidence it won’t turn out completely horrible. I’ll probably be using an old idea I’ve had but didn’t really expand on much to test the waters of the genre, since it was what the idea was originally created for.

I also experienced one of the biggest accomplishments in my life so far, writing-wise: last summer, I finished the first draft of my first novel, putting me one step closer to my goal of becoming a published author. In an attempt to be realistic, I’m not even going to pretend I’ll be able to actually get published by next year, but I do plan to keep up my writing and finish at least 2 more novel drafts before the year ends. I also want to keep up my perfect NaNoWriMo record, come next November, and try to win at least one summer NaNo, as well.

In my personal life, I managed to put two more semesters of college under my belt for a grand total of 3 semesters with excellent grades. I’ve also known my best friend, Sabrina, for that year and a half, and have been dating my wonderful boyfriend David for just a few months more than that. They, along with my childhood best friend Riah, have been the best and most wonderful support system, both in my writing and in life in general, that I could ever ask for, and I love them all very deeply in their own unique ways. All I can say is that I hope we all can spend another year laughing and loving each other as if we had all known each other our entire lives, even though I usually only see them each one at a time, and being with all of them at once is so rare, if not impossible.

Anyway, here’s to a year writing on WordPress, another year to improve on it, and to a wonderful New Year!


D: Doll

This is a bit of a different piece than the rest of the month will probably be. Instead of a short story, like I’m trying to do for every other letter of the alphabet, I decided to post a self-reflection I wrote a while ago that happened to fit one of the categories I had decided on.  This is a piece that I wrote very late at night, by the light of my phone, because I felt extremely sad, empty, and alone for no particular reason. When I’m in one of my “moods”, I sometimes think of myself as one of those old porcelain dolls, though the reasoning behind it differs from time to time. Either way, I channeled that into this piece, though the lines between symbolism and reality get a little blurred by the utter worthlessness I feel when I’m particularly sad. I hope I don’t anger anyone with some of the things I say, as I admit that there are some things I say that, though mostly just symbolic images of roughly handled playthings, are still things I am embarrassed to realize I said about myself. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, though I may not answer every question, should it poke too far into parts of myself I’m not comfortable exploring yet. Really, my reason for posting this is more in hopes that someone can relate to it in a “I’m still here. I’m still pushing along. You, the reader, can keep pushing, too.” kind of way. If I get a lot of negative feedback about it, I may take this down, but I’m hoping I can keep it up, in hopes it actually becomes useful to somebody someday. Or, you know, just melts into the oblivion of the ‘never read’ pile. Either way, it feel kind of good, though kind of nerve-wracking, to post something personal like this where everyone can see it.

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