A-Z Suicides: Daniel Vincente

Welcome back to A-Z suicides, which is probably the most depressing take on the A-Z blogging challenge out there. As with the prior 3 days, I advise against reading my blog this month if you are sensitive to the topic of suicide.

Today, I went with free-form parallelism poetry, since I’m going on a trip and needed something quick to set up to be posted at a later time. I thought it would work well with this character, since swimming is a very repetitive motion, and would be a good way to take your mind off things as you succumb to the habit of your strokes. So, I tried to mimic that mechanical movement and seductive rhythm in the poem. And, the discussion we had in class on The Awakening may have also played a part in my dicision to write this character on this day. Regardless of my inspiration, though, I hope you enjoy.


Swim away

Swim away from the shore
Swim away from the heat
Swim away from the rough sand
Swim away from the oppressing weight of gravity

Swim away from the wall
Swim away from the start line
Swim away from the competitors
Swim away from the cheering

Swim away from the yelling
Swim away from the screaming
Swim away from the fighting
Swim away from the hurting

Swim away from the stares
Swim away from the whispers
Swim away from the questions
Swim away from everyone’s egotistical worry

Swim away from the loneliness
Swim away frolm the crying
Swim away from the sleepless nights
Swim away from the voices in my head

Swim away from the suffering
Swim away from the pain
Swim away from the shore
Swim away from this endless life

And breath
In the cool

And float away


V: Vaughn

Vaughn is lead male in the novel series I’m writing. He’s the type of guy who seems like an asshole at first, but has a great heart once you get to know him, and won’t stand by while someone he cares about is being hurt. You might be familiar with him if you’re familiar with some of my past posts, as I’ve “interviewed” both him and the lead lady, and his love, Aria, back at the beginning, as well as written about them during Pig Week (March 1-7), and once before during this month. But today, I decided to do something a bit different. I can’t remember what it was, but a song I listened to recently gave me the urge to write a poem. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to write a piece of Vaughn’s emotional state at various points in my novel. It’s a but spoiler-y, since it gives away a few of the key events that happen at different points in the series, but I’m not too worried. Although I hope that many people read my novel, I also recognize that, by the time my novels read the shelves (supposing they even go that far!), this post will probably be too old and buried to even be noticed or remembered by anyone. Either way, I hope you enjoy! 😀

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Do you know?

Hey, Vaughn here. If any of you read Sabrina’s blog (Ticket to a thousand worlds, for those who don’t), then you might have ready the poem she wrote from Sokola’s point of view. And, even though I know Sokola herself didn’t write it, the idea of her ever thinking stuff like that ever made me kind of sad, and I just wanted to hug Sokola and tell her than I love her so very much. So, I did better and wrote a poem in response (with Moon’s help, of course, since I such at poetry, and I obviously needed to borrow her body to work the magic). I hope I did okay, with it, and at least got what i was feeling across:


Do you know

How much I love you?

Do you believe me

When I tell you

Remind you

Every time I can

That you are important to me

That I want to protect you

That I love you


Do you know

That I am here for you

For everything

For anything

You could ask for

For the exciting news

And the tearful confessions

And especially

The sweet conversations

That only make me

Love you more


Do you know

That She loves you, too

That we know

That She will never

Be a replacement

But that

All the same

You love us

Even if it is





It is still love


Do you know

That even though

You are second in my heart

I still love you

Much more than you could understand

Bigger than your poofy hair

Or the sky we soar in

Or the entire world

Do you know that

Second isn’t all that bad

When you realize

How much I actually love you

Even if She is still my number one

Do you know

How much it hurts

To see you sad

Or scared

To see you cry

Or hide things

To hear you question

How much

I care about you

To think about

You growing up someday

And leaving my side for His

Do you know

How much it hurts

To wonder

If you’ll always love me

As much as I love you.


Do you know

That nothing

Will change how I feel

Not another child

Or a petty fight

Or any mistake in the world

My love for you

Will never change

Even if you

Will change so much


To me

You will always be

The you

That I know

And love


Do you know

That all I want

Is for you

To be happy

That I don’t care

If your perfect

Or if you love Him

Or if you ignore my request

To stay my little girl forever

And fall lovingly

Into His arms


I know

You cannot

Be a child forever


A part of me

Looks forward to seeing

The beautiful woman

You will someday become

Whatever you do

You will still

Be my daughter

And I

Will always love you


Daddy loves you, Sokola! I hope you liked my poem, and I just wanted to let you know that, even when you’re no longer a little girl, you will still be my little girl. Don’t be afraid to grow up, just don’t do it too fast. 🙂

Your adopted daddy forever,


A Toast to Life

(This is a poem I wrote a while ago. I was saving it for a special occasion, so why not to celebrate the coming New Year? ;] )


I would like to propose a toast

To a life I never believed in

To living a faerie tale

And believing in dreams

And finally

Having courage

To honestly smile again


Here’s to family

Who stayed by my side

Through everything

Whenever I made them feel angry

Or annoyed

Or scared

Or maybe even

Just a bit curious about my mental state

I would not have been who I am today

I may not even be here today

Without you


Here’s to friendship

Which binds us all together

To old friendships

Which continue to flourish

Through all the rocky times

And to new friendships

Just beginning to bloom

Despite the rough soil

In which it was planted

Thank you for sticking by me so long

Cultivating the hope

That the best times are yet to come

And for seeing through my strange exterior

To the sad little girl inside

Yearning for a hug and a laugh


Here’s to romance

To true love

To the knight in shining armor

Who awoke me from my slumber

And proved to me

That there is hope outside my dreams

And that I was missing so much

By hiding from the fear of rejection

And accidentally barring

The true happiness

Which only real love can bring

You are my shining star

My beacon

My anchor

To the hidden island of true joy


Here’s to the little things

To music

To art

To literature

To Fashion

To sweets

To ponies

To childhood memories

And hopes for the future

To growing older

But never growing up

To everything

That makes the world beautiful


Here’s to happiness

To smiling

To laughing

Until there are tears in your eyes

To being so happy you could cry

And to crying

But knowing you will never be that was for long.


Here is to life

Stretching out before me

Seemingly endless

To not needing to look back

But still doing do

Simply to be reminded

Of the beautiful things that have passed

But still looking forward

And continuing confidently

Because good things await ahead

To the curtain being raised

The fog lifting

And the abyss finally closing

So that I can see the light

And hurry towards it

Here’s to being here today

In order to witness these wonders

And to thanking God

Every day

That I am alive.


(Here’s to the best year I can remember ever experiencing, and to many more to come! I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year, and that their life hold many things to be thankful for! :] )