A-Z Suicides: Andrew Carmichael

I’m doing my A-Z blogging a little differently this year. Since my April Camp NaNoWriMo novel deals heavily with suicide, and has many bit characters who require more back story planning than they do actual screen time, I decided to use their back stories for my blog post. Therefore, if you are sensitive to suicide, abuse, depression, anything like that, then it may be best to avoid my blog for the month. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy, and feel free to post constructive criticism. Most of these stories age going to be written on the fly, so I wouldn’t doubt a few of them will be kind of crappy. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Age 5: A young boy is admitted after a fire on Marple Way. After some phone calls to emergency responders and local business and organizations, he was identified as Andrew Carmichael. His mother, Lilian Carmichael, had suffered from severe smoke inhalation attempting to save him, and no father is on record. Neither mother nor child has woken up yet.

              After 2 days, the boy has awakened and is playing with objects the nurses give him. He does not speak, but does not seem to be shy. A comparison to past records shows that this is abnormal behavior for him. Further test will be performed to test for brain damage during fire. The mother’s health has been slowly digressing. Next of kin, a grandfather a few towns over, has been contacted to say his good-byes, as well as to take the boy into his care.

Lilian Carmichael dies in the night. Andrew Carmichael is picked up by his grandfather at 10am. Tests show little cause of his regressed maturity, so a full recovery is expected in time. Further tests are expected in the future, however, to check for underlying issues.

Age 6: Andrew Carmichael has missed all of his follow-up exams since the fire. Authorities will be sent for to ensure this does not occur again.

              Andrew is brought in for his check-up. Still no sign of communication with staff, though everything else seems fine. Some cuts bruising on legs, which grandfather claims to be from playing in the woods. Injuries do not seem suspicious, though further supervision is recommended.

Age 7: All examinations have been kept up to this point. No further note will be made unless found otherwise.

Age 9: Andrew Carmichael is brought in with a broken arm, which grandfather claims is from falling out of a tree. No communication between boy and nurses, except for slight whimpering noises throughout treatment and when being led out to grandfather. Children and Youth has been contacted to investigate for abuse.

No abuse has been found in home.  No further note will be made unless found otherwise.

Age 13: Andrew Carmichael is brought in to hospital with a bullet wound in the neck. Grandfather claims they were hunting and Andrew ran after a rabbit he was trying to shoot. During treatment, he refused to talk, as per usual, and avoided eye contact. Andrew was treated and sent home with little issue.

Age 15: Andrew Carmichael is brought into the emergency room with severe wounds on his neck and left arm. The nurses tried everything they could to save him. Pronounced dead at 5:27 pm. When questioned about his accident, grandfather replied, quote:

              “The damn brat thought playing with a bear trap would make him a better survivalist, I guess. Good riddance, I say. The little bastard could never do anything right.”


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