Picture it & Write: A Grim Consequence

I apologize that my PI&W contribution is a bit on the long side this week, in comparison to many of my other contributions to flash fiction challenges. Although I could easily shorten this story down a bit by making it a bit more vague, though, I don’t really want to. I don’t feel like it would be the same story without the details and narrator’s little verbal flourishes. My giving the narrator free reign to give the full account, I feel if make the story more memorable. Perhaps you will disagree, and you’re free to do so. All I ask is that you keep your criticism to a constructive and polite tone. After all, you never know who may be on the other side of your responses. 😉

This story carries a language warning, and a disclaimer that the views and attitudes of the characters are of no relation to those of the writer. I hope you enjoy!

Woman in crown and black veil

                  Picture retrieved from Ermilia.                Property of A Touch of Class

A Grim Consequence

Every day, she sat on the rocks at the edge of the park, just watching the cars go by. It was a strange place for a picnic, as accidents were common on that stretch of highway, and she could have easily gotten hit. But, she was a strange woman, wearing a black veil and a long, old fashion dress in a matching color, even in the middle of summer.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” my brother yelled at her, trying to push her over. I hid in the bushes while he had the other Big Boys harassed her. She was only the latest in a long string of targets for him around town. “Some kind of retarded goth chick?”

“Leave.” was all she said, her voice a low sort of rattling half-whisper.

“Make me, bitch!” he replied, giving her another shove. “Why don’t you take off that stupid fucking sheet so we can see your ugly face? It’s probably covered is fugly mascara and shit.”

“Leave.” she repeated, slightly louder. But, he kept pushing.

“Anthony, leave her alone! She isn’t doing anything!” I shouted to him, shocking even myself. He frowned and flew at my position in the leaves.

“I told you to keep quiet, you little brat!” he yelled, pushing me down into the dirt and slapping me. “It’s bad enough Mom makes me drag you along. Now, mind your own fucking business and shut up!”

It was then that the woman stood up and placed a hand before her, her eyes wide and pupils dilating beneath the veil. The other boys gasped and retrated, not knowing what she was going to do.

Anthony let go of me and turned back to the woman. “What are you doing now? Trying to voodoo me or something?”

Slowly, two large, ragged black wings extended from her back. On each of them was an off-white deathshead staring down upon us as she walked forward. As my brother’s own eyes widened with fear, the woman smiled at him smugly. “Fairies aren’t all rainbows and pixie dust, love.”

Anthony staggered away from her, shouting at her to get away from him and calling her all manner of names. He was so distracted he never saw the pickup truck rounding the corner. As my brother fell beneath its fender, I screamed, covering my mouth with my hand.

The woman offered a hand to me. I hesitantly took it as she pulled me to her feet. “Run home to your mother, little one, and remember the lesson that boy would never understand. I apologize, but I fear it is the only way I knew to teach him.”

Without another word, I ran home and cried into my mother’s shoulder, telling her all that happened. Never would I forget the price my brother paid for messing with the wrong woman. Nor would I ever return to that park, all life having been sucked out of it, in my mind, by a single death-fairy’s curse.


3 thoughts on “Picture it & Write: A Grim Consequence

  1. joetwo says:

    I think there is a good lesson there. Nice write.

  2. Anne Schilde says:

    I certainly wouldn’t be one to complain about the length. Seems fine to me.

    I like how the contrast in this image lends itself to the black and white consequence for an action in the end.

  3. A “Grim Consequence” indeed… nice take on the picture… 🌟

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