Friday Fictioneers: Friends Forever.

Oh, what a picture for my thirteenth Fictioneers story! So wonderfully creepy. It had so many different stories lurking in the shadows, waiting for me to locate them and weave the proper words to put them into motion. So, I chose a story about a girl who appreciates a rainy day as much as I do, and is no stranger to putting potential events into motion. And, as usual, in 100 words exactly. Enjoy!


Friends Forever

I’ve always loved rainy days. While most people run indoors, away from the gloom, I walk the deserted streets, taking it all in. To me, rainy days always seem so exciting, so charged, so full of potential! Almost as if the dead could come back to life.

 Hearing footsteps behind me, I smile and turn around. My friend James is walking down the street, from the cold home he had obtained last winter. I take his rough hand in mine, and now neither of us feels alone. At least, until the rain stops and my spell once again wears off.


10 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Friends Forever.

  1. elmowrites says:

    I love how you made rain cheery, but it makes me wonder about James – I’m not sure he’s quite like the rest of us, or that I’d be quite so happy to meet him out walking! The only concrit I can suggest is to bury the bit about the dead coming back to life in the first paragraph. Coming after the exclamation mark it seems to stand out and I think you could weave it in more.

  2. atrm61 says:

    Eeps!Definitely creepy and chilling-reminded me of “The monkey’s paws” -ooh!Well done:-)

  3. Sweet story. I love the rain too but I prefer to be inside curled up in bed reading or watching a good movie.

  4. If it’s warm, I like being in the rain – no lightening but I love the rain – remember “Singing in the rain” .

  5. Dear Moonbeams,

    I enjoyed the feel of this. I love rainy days. In the summer I love to just walk in the rain, as your MC, taking it all in.



  6. When reading it I was thinking how much I dislike the rain and wondered what her secret was. What a wonderful secret!

  7. Poignant and sweetly written. Long may the rain last.

  8. Stephanie Gray says:

    You aren’t alone! I totally know how she feels! I like this one!

  9. hugmamma says:

    What a lovely ghost story…

  10. liz young says:

    Sad but not sad – at least she can conjure him up when it rains.

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