Z: Zombies

My friend and I are kind of weird. We support Zombie Rights. We believe that Zombies deserve the same rights as the living. This is an unpopular opinion, but we believe in it. Zombies are not the brain-hungry monsters we portray them to be; they’re simply confused and scared about why they died, and are then suddenly animated again. And, they get the craving for human flesh sometimes, but with the right support, they can overcome that craving. They have enough to deal with without the prejudice, so why give them more problems? Obviously,we don’t have a stake in this belief, as the only zombie we know personally is a fictional character. But, what if we did? What if you knew a zombie? What if, every day, you faced people talking about how zombies are mindless murderers, only to go home and care for your recently infected or reanimated family members? Would you be able to do it?

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