Burning (Friday Fictioneers +an announcement)

My second Friday Fictioneers story! I must say, I really like the way this one turned out. I got in everything I wanted, and I got exactly 100 without even editing! Please tell me what you think about it. I really enjoyed the feedback I got last week, and look forward to reading more comments, as well as seeing what others came up with for this photo prompt!



I sat in the kitchen, staring at Mama’s oil lamps.

You’re such a weirdo!

It was another hard day at school.

Don’t you own any normal clothes?

But I know how to deal with it.


I can deal with her.


The candles before me flicker faster.

What are you doing?

I’ll never have to deal with her again.

Sara? I was only kidding!

She’ll learn her lesson.

W-what’s wrong with my chest

She’ll never make fun of me again.

Stop! It hurts!

“Sara? Is there something wrong with the candles?”

“No, Mama.”

I quickly turn out the lamps.


Quick announcement: Just so that my subscribers know, I am participating in Blogging from A to Z next month, but I still intend to do Friday Fictioneers as well. So, don’t freak out if there are two posts from me in your feed on Wednesday instead of one. Depending on how well I can keep up with my posts and such, I may move my Friday Fictioneer story to Sundays, since they’re the only day I won’t be posting a full-length story. Wish me luck, and I wish the same to anyone else who my already have decided to participate, or who might decide to participate, too! 😀 Also, if for whatever reason, you are subscribed to me and absolutely do not want to get two posts from me every Wednesday, just say something to me in the comments, and I’ll make sure I move my FF posts to Sundays. If it’s all the same to everyone else, though, I’ll probably just stick to the 2-posts thing, since it’d be easier to remember.


The Accident (Friday Fictioneers)

Today marks my first attempt at doing a Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. I must say, I’m proud of my first try, given I managed to make the exact word count, after some editing. I can’t even pretend that I’m not impressed by what other people came up with, though. I suggest reading theirs, too! At least from the ones posted when I read them, they’re all really great!


(Word count: 100)


                Emma rolled her wheel chair laboriously through the stable. The dirt floor and narrow aisles were obviously meant for people who could walk. But, she had to see him, just one last time.

                She’d heard the rumors about her accident. The way they blamed him for going there. Blamed her for leading him. But only she knew the truth.

                Finally, she rolled up to a stall with a “for sale” sign on it. She reached up to tenderly pet the grey stallion, who leaned his head forward. She knew he understood, at least.

                “Good-bye, Arthur. I love you. Thank you.”

When Piggies Dream

For the last day of pig week, I decided to *gasp* actually write about pigs! Because, unlike my best friend, I cannot do a whole week of just doodles and pig facts without feeling lazy. I mean, Sebby at least had an excuse to do short posts, since she wasn’t actually here most of the week. And, her posts are actually good! I really envy your skills, my dear. And, after I post this, I will probably crawl back into my hole of half-decent profiles, disproportionate breasts, and horrendous wings and remember why I don’t draw for anyone except you and my stories.

Anyway, back on topic, I wrote a short and most likely weird story where our favorite little piggies (Vaughn, Aria, and Sokola, for those new and unaware of my friend and my little fantasy world contained within Skype and my dorm room. And, no, their not actually pigs outside this post. It started as a nickname and grew into a Thing.) were actually pigs, and Aria, being the rational female she is, dreamed up their lives and humans…and demon… Anyway, I do not claim to know anything about pigs. I actually learned much more than I wanted to while researching for this story. If I make some mistake that can’t be explained though semi-personification, feel free to point it out! And enjoy the story, because this is probably the last post your getting out of me until me paper for science is done! 😀 Continue reading

When Mommy Was Little

Today, I decided to do something a little different. Instead of writing about Sokola and Vaughn as they currently are, I jumped a little…well, a lot…into the future, and write a cute little story of Vaughn looking back on his life as Sokola’s adoptive daddy after she;s grown up and had kids of her own. Because, as sad as it makes him, we in the Box all know that the time skip in Sokola’s story is drawing closer every day, and that Vaughn has a time skip in his future, as well. But, why should the cute times end, just because Sokola isn’t a little kid anymore? Even as adults, Vaughn is still going to be Best Daddy, and Sokola will still evoke harmonies of “aw”s whenever she and Vaughn are in the same room.

This post is dedicated to you, Sabrina, to show you don’t have to be guilty about time skipping Sokola someday! Somehow, those two will still manage to make us squee, and without you, Vaughn wouldn’t even have an adorable adopted daughter to have adorable moments with. 🙂

Continue reading

The Princess’s Resolution (Part 3 of Sir Vaughn and the Captive Princess)

This is just a bit of a follow-up to the story I had been posting the past two nights. Unlike most fairy tale princesses, I can’t see Aria just falling into a strange man;s arms, especially one with wings! So, I sent her on a bit of soul searching the following day. Still a bit of a quick decision, but it’s not like I have time to write a whole novel on this one little fairy tale! I don’t even have time to finish Vaughn and Aria’s actual novel right now! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the last part, Sokola! All the respective fictional deities of all Sabrina and my respective fictional worlds know you need a good story to read right now. Continue reading

Sir Vaughn and the Captive Princess: Part 2

This is a continuation of the fairy tale I’m writing for Sokola. A with yesterday, I realize it may be a bit weird and perhaps seem a bit forced at times. This was mostly written in a way I think would please the character it was written for, and therefore accentuation the roles that I feel Sokola would want to see her Skype-based friends and family in. However, I do hope everyone finds the overall story enjoyable! 🙂

If you did not read the first part of the story, please do so before continuing, either by clicking on it in the sidebar to your left, or following the link here. Continue reading

Sir Vaughn and the Captive Princess: Part 1

A few months ago, Sokola asked me to write a fairy tale for her about Aria being a princess, and Vaughn saving her. We could sit here for days and analyze what my life has become that a fictional character is asking me for favors, but instead i choose to shrug, accept it, and move on. So, for this thrird day of Pig/Vaughn and Sokola story week, I decided to start working on that tale. Given I have a life and this story will probably become fairly lengthy, I decided to post one part today, one part tomorrow, and a little post-tale follow-up story the next day. Given I was trying to write it in a way Sokola would like, the working is a bit awkward at places where I was trying to use wording she would like, and I am trying my best to insert characters from her and Vaughn’s worlds into the story as I go. Hopefully, it will turn out decent, though! Without further ado, allow me to begin the Adventures of Sir Vaughn! Continue reading