Do you know?

Hey, Vaughn here. If any of you read Sabrina’s blog (Ticket to a thousand worlds, for those who don’t), then you might have ready the poem she wrote from Sokola’s point of view. And, even though I know Sokola herself didn’t write it, the idea of her ever thinking stuff like that ever made me kind of sad, and I just wanted to hug Sokola and tell her than I love her so very much. So, I did better and wrote a poem in response (with Moon’s help, of course, since I such at poetry, and I obviously needed to borrow her body to work the magic). I hope I did okay, with it, and at least got what i was feeling across:


Do you know

How much I love you?

Do you believe me

When I tell you

Remind you

Every time I can

That you are important to me

That I want to protect you

That I love you


Do you know

That I am here for you

For everything

For anything

You could ask for

For the exciting news

And the tearful confessions

And especially

The sweet conversations

That only make me

Love you more


Do you know

That She loves you, too

That we know

That She will never

Be a replacement

But that

All the same

You love us

Even if it is





It is still love


Do you know

That even though

You are second in my heart

I still love you

Much more than you could understand

Bigger than your poofy hair

Or the sky we soar in

Or the entire world

Do you know that

Second isn’t all that bad

When you realize

How much I actually love you

Even if She is still my number one

Do you know

How much it hurts

To see you sad

Or scared

To see you cry

Or hide things

To hear you question

How much

I care about you

To think about

You growing up someday

And leaving my side for His

Do you know

How much it hurts

To wonder

If you’ll always love me

As much as I love you.


Do you know

That nothing

Will change how I feel

Not another child

Or a petty fight

Or any mistake in the world

My love for you

Will never change

Even if you

Will change so much


To me

You will always be

The you

That I know

And love


Do you know

That all I want

Is for you

To be happy

That I don’t care

If your perfect

Or if you love Him

Or if you ignore my request

To stay my little girl forever

And fall lovingly

Into His arms


I know

You cannot

Be a child forever


A part of me

Looks forward to seeing

The beautiful woman

You will someday become

Whatever you do

You will still

Be my daughter

And I

Will always love you


Daddy loves you, Sokola! I hope you liked my poem, and I just wanted to let you know that, even when you’re no longer a little girl, you will still be my little girl. Don’t be afraid to grow up, just don’t do it too fast. 🙂

Your adopted daddy forever,


Vaughn and Aria’s Best Day Ever (And some belated birthday wishes)

Some people might find it weird that I actually plan lives for my characters outside their story, and even outside their own universe, but I think it’s fun! You should totally try it sometime, if you’re a writer. Get another writer friend to talk to you over Skype of just hanging out with you, and then let the characters out to play for a bit. You’ll learn a lot about your characters and how they interact with different sorts of people that way. Oh, will you learn about your characters that way! D:

Anyway, Sabrina and I have had a few little plans up our sleeves for my characters. First of all, after we pestered him about it non-stop over the magic (“skype” for those new to my blog) to propose to Aria, he was finally ready. He had gotten the ring (meaning I finally got around to finding a site to design one) and he and Mordecai bought her a poetry book, into which Mordecai magically inserted a poem that Vaughn would use to pop the question. Vaughn even wrote the poem himself, with a little help from me. All he had to do was ask, and he would actually have a name for what Aria was to him that he didn’t have to be embarrassed about.

On the other end of the relationship, Aria had news of her own. A friend of ours has a character who is a doctor, so we’ve been sending our characters in one by one to be examined. The boys were none too happy with their own examinations, given all three of us are a bit evil, especially when it comes to Jill and her doctor. Mordecai ended up basically being cut open and his organ poked at, since the doctor was curious about having a zombie laid out before him. He did get a bit of a reward out of it, since Ellie (the doctor) gave him a mechanical heart that allowed his to blush again, as well as a type of fungus that allows makes him capable of impregnating Dorothy, or the condition Ellie can study the effects of an undead parent on the future child’s development and the attachment of the soul. Vaughn on the other hand, was told he had three extra balls hanging around in his abdomen, and had to get them removed, resulting in a week of not being able to “make babies” with Aria. During her exam, though, Aria picked the long end of the sticks of fate, and was let off the hook by discovering she was with child. She was just waiting for the right moment to tell him.

Finally, the pieces all fell together on Tuesday. Aria was speaking with…Ariya (Sabrina has a character, based off my Aria, named Ariya. I can’t remember to what extent she was spoken of on either of our blogs) over the magic, so we decided to send in Vaughn, Malik, Morty, Dorothy, and Sokola, so that Vaughn could finally stop stalling and propose in front of all their friends. So, he popped the question; Aria said yes, of course, because they were literally made for each other; we had a whole bunch of hugging and squeezing and celebrating, and then it was pretty much over. More than a month of planning and squeezing with Sabrina, all for about 5 minutes of rolelay. Then, Jill logged on, so we had a bit of a discussion/roleplay with her and another friend, before we announced that Vaughn and Aria were engaged, and she had one of her characters announce the big news that Aria had a bun in the oven, only making their day better. They spent all of yesterday celebrating. Take that as you will.


Anyway, since this blog post was meant to be published yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, but I got sidetracked with school stuff, I will now be giving out some (late) birthday wishes to the most awesome honorary roommate (she doesn’t *actually* live in my room, but she’s here enough that everyone knows to check my room when they need her.) in the world!


Aria: Happy birthday, Miss Salay! And I do hope you have many more to come in the future! ^///^

Vaughn: Happy birthday, Sabrina. You’re a cool person when you’re not flirting with me or purposely instigating things. I enjoy your backrubs.


Sarah: Happy birthday, writer lady! I hope I can talk to Sokola and Mordecai a whole lot in the future! They’re fun! 😀


Severna: Hello, darling~!  I *do* so wish I could celebrate with you properly, but I’m stuck in my world… :O If it’s your birthday, and I’m practically you, doesn’t that mean it’s my birthday, too? Oh, can I celebrate with Raizha, please? She would be *such* a good present to myself. ^_~


Evron: Happy birthday, human lady! I hope you get to stay free for a long time, so that no demons have to make you scream like my daddy makes my mommy and the other human girls scream. 🙂


Jumelle: Happy birthday, Miss. I do not know you, but my son seems to like you, so I thought I would with you best wishes. Now…I have chores to do…

Then she looked nervous and walked away.


Charlemagne: Happy birthday, human. The human that controls us requested I speak, since you seem to like me. I pray we do not have to meet personally for quite some time, for your sake.

The favorites kid of stood behind him…being them. Jenneth and Bianca were talking among themselves about Miceli knows what, and Zurina was just rolling her eyes, as usual. Assume they’re wishing you a happy birthday, in their own weird way.

Also, Galan is not coming out. Never. ‘Cause that would me bad.


And one more, from a new friend:

Carissa: Hello~! Happy birthday~! I do hope I get to meet you soon, because you sound fun to talk to! Too bad I don’t already know you, ‘cause I might have thought about giving you a special rate, it being your special day and all. Oh well. You probably have no political power, anyway, so my times probably better spent on my king’s guests. Anyway, toodles! I have guests to entertain. 😉


And, of course, I wish you the very best of late birthdays, and hope to know you for many years to come! You’re one of the most awesome friends ever, and I don’t know what I would do without you, Sebby! 😀

Monday Character Conversations: Charlemagne

I must apologize for my lack of posting recently. Ever since the new semester started up, I’ve been swamped with homework, and I hadn’t realized until classes started that I’m pretty much booked solid on Mondays, which makes it difficult when I fail to have my weekly character interview ahead of time. I’m starting to progress in my workload, though, so I should be able to get back to my 2+ posts a week plan by Spring Break at the latest. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to post as often as classes will allow, and hope I did not disappoint anyone with my complete lack of post for the last 2 weeks.


Anyway, since I interviewed one of Vaughn and Aria’s friends last time, I thought I’d interview an enemy this week. So, due to popular (read: Sabrina’s) demand, I will be interviewing Lieutenant Charlemagne, head of the Shifter unit of the seventh district of Hael.


Hello there, Lieutenant.

Hello, human.

I prefer super-awesome creator of everything you know and love or love to hate, but whatever Charlie.

Do not call me Ch-

How was your morning, Charlie?

It was decent. We did not have too many disciplinary matters to take care of, so I sepnt the majority of the day on patrol.

Did the Favorites help you?

Excuse me?

Did Jenneth, Bianca, and Zurina help you with your patrol, or did you do it on your own?

I did it on my own. Those three are a bit too…overzealous for normal patrol. They can be a bit rougher than the offence requires. They are better prepared to control troops during battle than enforce rules in the barracks.

Can they do espionage?

Hm…Zurina can do so fairly well. But Jenneth and Bianca are a bit too flash and loud to properly obtain information properly. They all stay together, though, since Jenneth is so fond of the entourage that comes with her position, so I cannot even make use of the one officer who can do what she is assigned correctly…

Why did you give them those positions if they can’t do their jobs correctly?

They are strong females. They strike fear into those below them, and are capable of controlling the soldiers assigned to them excellently. Plus, they are very good at certain…other duties…

Okay then… So, what is it like being a shifter?

It is an honor which you will never experience.  To be able to change my form, and become whatever I wish, is a feeling of pure freedom that proves how the shifters are the superior form of demon,  and are better than the humans by far.

No, I mean what does it physically feel like to shift?

I was getting to that, mistress of impatience. I feel the energy ripple through my body, stretching and bending my bones and muscles, and I begin to become whatever animal I am capable of picturing. Then, my body begins to grow or shrink, depending of the size of what I am becoming. Before I know it, I open my eyes, and I have become what I had desired to be.

And why do you so often choose a ferret?

The ferret is a very useful creature. It is capable of slipping in and out of room undetected, get the needed information, and pass along messages without arousing the attention of those with no business knowing. In addition, it also is fairly unassuming, so I may travel the halls in ferret form without disrupting any other business occurring or causing a distraction.

Uh-huh…so what you mean is, being a ferret helps you snoop around in demons’ rooms who you think might be breaking rules and snoop around, and if they have a human for a pet, you scare the bejeezus out of the poor girl without having her master notice.

If they are breaking rules, then they do not deserve privacy. I must go through their things, to ensure they will not be rebelling or trying to overthrow the general any time soon. And most of the troublesome types with slaves care about them so much that hurting the female is the most productive way to punish the master, ad seeing their little toy in pain and fear often hurts them more than anything I may inflict on them. Of course, there are some who, instead of taking their punishment and allowing it to be over with, they fight back, only causing their punishment to worsen…

Speaking of which, care to give a little description of how you feel about Aria and Vaughn?

Vaughn is a decent soldier when we are attacking the humans, given his rank and how lazy he is. It is unfortunate his record is sullied by those silly feelings for humans. It is especially unfortunate he has such strong feelings for that human girl. It was a mistake by the general to allow him to keep her, when has no use for her outside the bed, and does not even hold her to those duties very strictly. He could achieve such rank if he would give up his useless sensibilities and applied his strength to defeating the weak humans, rather than protect them. Of course, he will not allow me to lay a finger on the fragile thing, and is willing to take all manner of other punishment in order to keep her from having to take it for him. I suppose he will learn his lesson when the girl finds herself with child someday, and her body has been too coddled to survive the birth. [mutters] If he is not so gentle with her that he is not incapable of even bedding her properly…

And what do you think of Sokola? She wanted me to ask.

Oh, you mean the fluffy-haired winged human from that other world who is always calling for me?

Yeah, her.

She seems like a sweet girl. She is very feisty, it appears, and could probably protect herself fairly well. She must grow a bit of common sense, however. Given her personality, she would not be a very good slave. She would most likely fight back much too often, and would thus be beaten and reassigned fairly often, until she is simply marked as unbreakable and killed. As that general of hers presented her to General Galan, he is very set upon claiming her as a slave for one of our soldiers. She best stay away until he has had a chance to forget about her.

But what about Evron? I think he’s been growing sort of attached to seeing her in Sabrina and my chats. He’s probably be upset to bever see his Captain again.

That would be too bad. He will get over it.

What kind of relationship do you have with Evron and his mom, Jumelle, anyway?

Jumelle is my general’s slave. Unfortunatly, about five or so years ago, she found herself beginning to grow round with Galan’s child. The months passed, and Jumelle gave birth to a wingless little wretch that she named Evron. She was very lucky he did not have any wings to him, and she might not have survived the birth if he had. Obviously, my general would not want anything to do with the child of a human, even if it was most likely his, and was just eager to have Jumelle get back to her duties. Still, she was barely more than a child herself, and she could not stand the thought of simply abandoning him with nobody to care for him. So, I offered to help her with the child. Through that, we’ve managed to build a sort of friendship, in a way, though I’m still not a big fan of humans. The child is growing to show promise, however, and he is half demon, so perhaps he will grow to be of some use to us when he is older.

Admit it, Charlie, you have a soft spot for kids! :3

Do not call me Charlie.


[sigh] Fine. Yes, I do feel that children deserve to be protected, regardless of whether they originate from above the ground or below. They are small and naïve, and have no chance to protect themselves. Thus, until they become adults, I do feel that I should especially enforce the rules to protect them, even if it means going against my general’s orders. I can usually find a loophole that protects the children somewhere, and I can often make one when one does not already exist. It pains me when there is no saving one, and they are hurt by one of our soldiers, or by the way our society is run in general.

Well, that seems like a good stopping point. Any last words, Charlie?

Do not call me Charlie.

Say good-bye to Charlie everyone! ^_^


So, there you have it. An interview with the ferret man himself. Hopefully, I will have time to get more on top of my blog from now on. If I do slack off, though, I assure you I will try to post something at least every other week, if not keeping up with just an interview every Monday. Wish me luck, and all the best to all of you!