A Toast to Life

(This is a poem I wrote a while ago. I was saving it for a special occasion, so why not to celebrate the coming New Year? ;] )


I would like to propose a toast

To a life I never believed in

To living a faerie tale

And believing in dreams

And finally

Having courage

To honestly smile again


Here’s to family

Who stayed by my side

Through everything

Whenever I made them feel angry

Or annoyed

Or scared

Or maybe even

Just a bit curious about my mental state

I would not have been who I am today

I may not even be here today

Without you


Here’s to friendship

Which binds us all together

To old friendships

Which continue to flourish

Through all the rocky times

And to new friendships

Just beginning to bloom

Despite the rough soil

In which it was planted

Thank you for sticking by me so long

Cultivating the hope

That the best times are yet to come

And for seeing through my strange exterior

To the sad little girl inside

Yearning for a hug and a laugh


Here’s to romance

To true love

To the knight in shining armor

Who awoke me from my slumber

And proved to me

That there is hope outside my dreams

And that I was missing so much

By hiding from the fear of rejection

And accidentally barring

The true happiness

Which only real love can bring

You are my shining star

My beacon

My anchor

To the hidden island of true joy


Here’s to the little things

To music

To art

To literature

To Fashion

To sweets

To ponies

To childhood memories

And hopes for the future

To growing older

But never growing up

To everything

That makes the world beautiful


Here’s to happiness

To smiling

To laughing

Until there are tears in your eyes

To being so happy you could cry

And to crying

But knowing you will never be that was for long.


Here is to life

Stretching out before me

Seemingly endless

To not needing to look back

But still doing do

Simply to be reminded

Of the beautiful things that have passed

But still looking forward

And continuing confidently

Because good things await ahead

To the curtain being raised

The fog lifting

And the abyss finally closing

So that I can see the light

And hurry towards it

Here’s to being here today

In order to witness these wonders

And to thanking God

Every day

That I am alive.


(Here’s to the best year I can remember ever experiencing, and to many more to come! I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year, and that their life hold many things to be thankful for! :] )

Fic-ing to the Finish

Hello again, everyone. As you all probably see, the world has not ended, so I get the chance to continue this lovely blog for your viewing pleasure. And by everyone, I mean Sabrina and any WriMos that stumble on this page from our off-season site. But, if you don’t fall into one of those categories, please leave a comment! I’d love to know I actually have other readers. :3

Anyway, I don’t know what all of you did on what might have become your last day in the overworld, but I spent it writing, Not just any writing, though. No, I had to make it special, in case Vaughn came and swept Sebby and I into Hael with him. No, I was writing fan fiction!

Now, I know you’re all rolling your eyes, but it’s not as bad as you might think. You see, this was more semi-cannonical fiction, not just a straight fanfic. For Christmas, I gave Sabrina’s two main characters, Mordecai and Dorothy, coupons for one free fanfic of their choosing. And before you ask, yes. We give our characters Christmas presents. We gave them a party over Skype, complete with a wierdo flailing around a mistletoe on a stick. It was fun. Problem?

Anyway, Miss Prismall decided to cash in on her gift yesterday. The premise was simple: write a story in which her fiance’, Mr. Mordecai Richmond, is a demon and kidnaps her like my character, Vaughn, kidnapped Aria. I, for one, think it’s a cute idea. Definitely sometime I can display proudly as my first fanfiction…not count my Gaia Online one because that was practically an original story anyway, with just a few references to events and characters from the site.

Anyway, I’m eight pages into Dorothy’s present, and still not done, though I believe I am getting close. When I went to bed last night, Dorothy and Morty were just entering Hael, and the only thing that happens after that is…um…Dorothy performing the first of her new “slave duties”. Not sure how Mordecai is going to feel about Dorothy’s present, but I know two women who are going to love it!

So, if there’s anyone out there, listening to me talking to a wall, I want you to answer a few questions for me, to stir up a little conversation. What is your opinion of fan fiction? Do you absolutely hate its existence, or do you think there can be a few diamonds in the rough? And where is the line between straight fan fiction, and an original story with borrowed characters? Is it still fan fiction if you’re writing side stories for an original story that you don’t personally consider canonical? Or, what if you know the rightful owner of the story personally, and they’re overseeing your work on it themselves? What is fan fiction, exactly?

My personal take on fan fiction is that it is a redeemable art, when placed in the right hands. Now, I don’t write or read fan fiction that often anymore because, yes, it is true that a majority of the fics out there are just adolescent girls writing stories about them making out with their favorite character, or yaoi/yuri fans shipping their favorite pair, and that much of it makes the reader want to dig their eyes out with a fork. However, when one is given the right structure, and enough wiggle room, fan fiction can be a great writing exercise. After all, reading a bunch of Harry-x-Draco stories may not be your cup of tea, but wouldn’t it be fun to write a story about your own adventures in Hogwarts? Or about one of Harry’s children, and how having such a famous father affected their life? They say that the best cure for writers block is to write, so why should it matter whether your inspiration comes in the form of a fantasy or a fanfic? Feel free to argue with me on these points, if you wish. It is just my personal opinion, and I’d love to hear some other ideas! 🙂

Oh, and one more thing before I leave, I’d like to thank Malik and his lovely girlfriend, Ariya, for saving our world from utter destruction. Now, would you two please stop mentally scaring your author? When you do it, I have to hear about it, and I have enough to handle with Vaughn and Aria. -_-;

Tales of the Moon

Hello there, guys and dolls, and welcome to my writing blog! My hopes for this blog are to post the (hopefully) beautiful short stories and poems I plan to write over the course of the year, and hopefully beyond. Whether these works are actually the wonderful things they appear to by in my head, or just hunks of crap that I throw at your feet, is entirely up to you. I’m perfectly aware that for every little gem I write, there’s going to be a whole crapton of junk ore and glass beads. And if you get that reference, congradulations,

So, who am *I*? Well, you probably don’t care, but I go by Moonstone. That is the only name you will get from me, unless you are one of my friends, from NaNo or otherwise. I enjoy writing, as should be obvious from the fact that I do NaNoWriMo, as well as reading. If you missed the reference above, then I will also tell you that I am a fan of the Harvest Moon series of games. I also like anime, My Little Pony, webcomics, Homestuck, and cryptozoology. When I’m writing, I usually listen to Steampunk or Dark Cabaret, or occasioally music I find on Bandcamp. I enjoy studying  the past, especially the 20’s, the Victorian Era, and the Renaissance. I also enjoy insanity and torture methods, so be csreful what you say around me. You may not be too happy with your cameo. *evil smile*

I can write almost anything that doesn’t require teenagers to hide it beneath their bed. Technically, I could write stuff that *did* need to be hidden, but I choose not to. I don’t know anything about *that* so anything I write about it would probably be fairly inaccurate. What I *do* choose to write is mostly fantasy. Cryptozoological fantasy, dream-based fantasy, magical girl fantasy…you name it, and I can probably write it. I also write more realistic fiction, too. The only problem is…my realistic fiction is usually either psychotic of severely depressing, In fact, most of my stories are either psychotic or depressing, but I’m trying to get out of that habit. >_>

Anyway, though I plan to have this be a creative writing blog, I have no guarentees it will be JUST that. It may have some descriptions of my novels, maybe some talk about the music I’m currently interested in, perhaps a discussion of a book I’ve read that inspired me. Also, you may see another person floating around here occasionally. My friend and fellow WriMo, Sabrina, might show up here and there, if something relevant happens involving her.  If that happens, I reccommend taking cover. When we’re together, things usually get wierd. Like gentleman zombie and shirtless demon fighting about grammer wierd…

Anyway, happy reading, everyone! And if you’re a fellowwriter, happy writing! ^_^